INS Business

Sakurai Silk Screen Press

Used, re-built, refurbished Sakurai Silk Screen Press sales.  INS takes used Sakurai Screen press of SC and MS series from domestic market of Japan,  and removes damaged parts and replaces them with new parts, clean, paint and test run it and ship with 3 months warranty parts supply.

Current availability

1987 SC102A

1997 SC102A2

1997 MS72A

2003 MS72A

2002 MS80A

2011 MS80A

2000 MS102A

2003 MS102A

2007 MS102A2

2001 MS102SD

2004 MF80

Used Offset Printing Press

People like to buy 2nd hand printing presses which were used in Japan, because they are very clean and in good condition.   We offer Heidelberg, Komori, Ryobi, Sakurai used offset presses which are used in Japan.  Ask us any of your questions.

Hamada Press Parts

INS LLC is the only company in Japan that sells original Hamada printing machine parts to outside of Japan. Hamada closed business in 2008 and related company took over the responsibility of supplying Hamada parts to thousands of users in the world until 2021. August 2021, export parts sales was discontinued, but the company kept doing it only for domestic, Japanese customers. INS LLC is the only one company which has exclusive sales right of original Hamada parts for export for all Hamada machines, like the following presses.

E47, Superb 47
C248, 252